Why join Realtime Tutors?

Credible and reliable

We have 10 years experience in selecting academically exceptional and professional tutors through our sister company Edinburgh Tutors. We believe that our success lies in the ability of our tutors, so our first priority is to choose the best, look after you and help you develop your tutoring skills.We carefully manage the number of tutors we work with to help our selected tutors get sufficient work.

Excellent rates of pay

As a Realtime Tutor, you can expect to earn £15.00 per hour or more. This is a similar hourly rate to that of a newly qualified teacher. Expect that it will take a little time before clients get in touch and start to book tutorials with you. Once you get started, you will automatically be paid directly to your bank or Paypal account at the end of each month.

Support and development opportunities

Unlike many tutoring agencies, at Realtime we offer you the opportunity to gain accredited tutor status through our unique self-study programme. Support is available if you have any questions or concerns and your tutorials may be periodically reviewed so that we can help you develop your tutoring skills.

Opportunities beyond one to one tutoring

You can earn while you study, work wherever you like, you have flexibility over the hours and times you work, you cut out often unpredictable travel time, hassle and costs.

How do you start?

Check if you are eligible

Decide what subjects you would like to tutor and check that you meet the Realtime criteria:
– A or A* at A level or national equivalent qualification in the relevant subject(s).
– Studying at, or graduated from, a Russell Group University or studying at, or graduated from, another UK University with exceptional grades and skills or training to be, or qualified as, a teacher.
– Eligible to work on a self-employed basis in the UK.
– Not legally precluded from working with children (we strongly recommend that you obtain, and maintain DBS certification).

Make sure that you are equipped

You do not need any expensive or complicated kit or programmes to tutor with us or use our bespoke, fully interactive Virtual Classroom. You need:
– A reliable PC or a laptop with webcam, mic and Google Chrome as the browser
– Good quality headphones
– Good broadband connection
– A quiet place where you can deliver tutorials without interference
– Try our Virtual Classroom when you register with us.

Learn how to tutor online with us

We are more than a tutoring agency: we are happy and able to provide guidance on any part of the tutoring process that will help you to have a rewarding experience when you tutor with us. Please download the Realtime Tutors Guide that will guide you through all the steps in the process, from registering, to scheduling a tutorial and getting paid. You can also consult our Working with The Virtual Classroom I and Working with the Virtual Classroom II presentations. If you need additional help please email admin@realtimetutors.co.uk or call the Realtime Tutors team on 01315818668 (no menus, we promise!)