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An introductory webinar and 7 weeks one to one coaching at a time that suits you

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Study Skills are essential for effective learning

Here’s how the 8 week one to one Study Skills Programme helps you overcome obstacles
and make your study time effective and rewarding, even fun!


It’s more than just a set of study tools

Your own assigned tutor will ensure that you turn ideas and commitments into actions and give you the guidance and support to do it right and keep it up. Learn more from our Study Skills Programme presentation.


Your programme is unique to you

You’ll address your study problems with solutions that suit your personality and learning style. Not your teacher’s. Not your friend’s. Yours. And you’ll get support every week to adjust anything that is not working for you.


5 Ingredients for Success

✓ Proven techniques
✓ Individual solutions
✓ Sustained support
✓ Accountability
✓ Tutors who have done it themselves



Realtime Tutors Online Learning for GCSE and A Level Students

You can meet one of our great tutors free of charge in our virtual classroom to discuss your study needs and how they can help. Just enter your subject and click Find Your Tutor to make your selection, or call 0131 581 8668 and we’ll help you choose and get started