French Tuition

There is evidence that children who learn a foreign language often have higher standardized test scores in maths, reading, and other languages and students who speak several languages will increase their chances of finding a job. French is one of the most widely spoken with 220 million speakers across all five continents and the third most widely used on the internet. This translates well into the business environment where many multinational companies use French as their working language, particularly in sectors such as retailing, automotive, luxury goods, and aeronautics. For the student who wishes to extend their range of languages French provides an excellent grounding, especially for Romance languages and indeed even English, since more than half of modern-day English vocabulary is derived from French. For students who wish to specialise in French, recent reductions in language graduate numbers, combined with corporate globalisation, have increased the demand for linguists. French graduates may readily go on to work in education (teaching both French in English-speaking countries and English abroad), and to use their linguistic skills in fields including the diplomatic service, security services, journalism, law, accountancy, business, industry and finance. Many students find learning another language a challenging task, but Realtime tutors are dedicated to explaining linguistic concepts in a simple but engaging way.

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