How Realtime Tutors Works

Contact us or call on 01315818668 and we’ll help you choose the best tutor for you and we’ll arrange your free Meet the Tutor Session.
A tutorial lasts for one hour, is priced at a simple rate of no more than £27.50
and may be paid for by Credit Card or Paypal.

Find a Tutor

Select your subject from the dropdown list at the top of the Home or Find Your Tutor page. Choose the tutor you believe is best for you and then Contact Us to arrange your free Meet the Tutor session.  If you prefer, email us or call 0131 581 8668 and we will help you to make a selection.


Meet Your Tutor

We recommend that all new students meet their chosen tutor, free of charge and with no commitments, in the Virtual Classroom before commencing tuition. Just use the Contact Us form or call 01315818668 and we will arrange your free Meet the Tutor session. .


Register and Book a Tutorial

Register with us. It’s quick and simple and only requires your email address. Your data is confidential and we observe the highest privacy standards. You can then book tutorials direct from the chosen tutor’s profile page or Contact us and we will help you.


Realtime Tutors Virtual Classroom

Realtime’s Virtual Classroom has been developed specifically for individual interactive tuition, so you can be confident that the learning is effective.

Questions About Realtime Tutors Proccess

Building Confidence. Improving Grades.

Why should I bother with a Meet the Tutor session?

With a Meet the Tutor session you make that initial contact with the tutor. It breaks the ice ahead of the first tutorial. It allows you to access the Virtual Classroom, get a feel for how it works and ensure that your PC and connectivity are working well. The tutor is able to agree the learning outcomes you seek from the tutorials, so that they can prepare effectively.

Why do I have to provide contact details when I sign up?

We need a phone number so that, in the unlikely event of a tutor having to cancel a tutorial at short notice, we can let you know as quickly as possible – not everyone accesses their email 24/7, so a call and/or SMS tends to be more immediate. Providing your also address helps assure us that you are a bona fide potential client who wants to make the best choice of tutor for their child.

What if I do not see a tutor who fits my requirements?

Just contact Realtime Tutors by email or phone and tell us what you are looking for. Some of our tutors are qualified to tutor subjects that they are not listed for and we may be able to arrange for them to work with you. Call our team on 01315818668 or email and we will respond in whatever way you prefer. We will do our best meet your needs.

How do I join my tutorial or my Meet the Tutor session?

Tutorials and Meet the Tutor sessions take place in the Virtual Classroom and they are live 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. When you log into your Realtime Tutors account, you will see ‘Virtual Classes’ link beside your name. Click on this link at the scheduled start time and you will be taken to a list of upcoming Virtual Classes. Scroll down to find yours. It will be named as below: TUTOR NAME AND SURNAME TUTORIAL SUBJECT DATE STUDENT’S INITIALS EG: ANNE_SMITH _ENGLISH_011417_PW

What happens if I face technical issues?

Please make sure that have the specified equipment as any problems tend to occur because of a poor internet connection and/or because the correct browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) is not being used. Ensure that your microphone and camera are switched on and accessible to the browser. The tutor has control of the tools required for the student to take part in the tutorial, so if you join the tutorial or the meeting before the tutor, you will have to wait for them before you can use these tools.

How do I access a recording of my tutorial?

Tutorials are recorded and saved for 7 days after the tutorial has taken place. To review a tutorial just contact Realtime Tutors by phone or email and we will arrange this for you. If you have requested access to one of your tutorials you will be able to download it and save it for future reference. Please make sure that you observe the privacy/copyright guidelines as outlined in Realtime Tutors Terms and Conditions as these clearly prohibit the repurposing or wider distribution of any recorded tutorials.

What if I don’t feel confident about the tutor after the first meeting?

You can cancel a first tutorial after a Meet the Tutor session without any penalty. The cost will be credited back to your account and you are under no obligation to re book – although of course we would like, with your permission, to understand the problem and perhaps help you find a different tutor.

How do I reschedule a tutorial?

Follow the steps outlined in the question about cancelling a tutorial and then simply book another tutorial in the usual way. If however the need to cancel happens at short notice, ie less than 48 hours before the tutorial is scheduled to take place, then please contact Realtime Tutors and we will cancel and notify the tutor. Please note Realtime Tutors Cancellation Policy.

How do I cancel a tutorial?

You can cancel a tutorial by using the Contact Us form to request a cancellation or you can call us on 01315818668. Also, when logged into your Realtime Tutors account, you can select View Booking which will give you a cancellation option. You will receive an email confirming that your booking had been cancelled. Your refund will be processed as soon as we receive the cancellation request by whichever of the above methods.

Realtime Tutorial Options

Not only are our prices competitive when compared with similar tutoring services, but because you pay as you go, no money is wasted and there are no hefty up front payments for a programme of sessions. There are also a number of free support services and telephone or email access to an advisor if you need a little bit of extra help.