New Learning Solutions, Proven Results

Realtime Tutors is a sister company of Edinburgh Tutors, which has been delivering successful and popular face to face tuition to students in Scotland for more than 10 years. Students who work with us achieve improved results in exams and tests, and they gain the skills and confidence. We are members of The Tutors Association and wholeheartedly support its mission to drive quality and professionalism in the private tuition sector.

Expert Tutors

Realtime tutors come from top UK universities, and have achieved the highest grades in their subjects. We carefully select tutors and train them to deliver effective online learning. Tutors are accredited only when they reach the required standard. Find the right tutor for you here.

Excellent Value

Delivered by our competitive prices, combined with the high quality of our tutorials and the time saving afforded by learning through our Virtual Classroom. You pay as you learn so no money is wasted and there are no hefty up front payments. You pay the same whichever tutor you choose – just £27.50 for a single one hour tutorial with discounts for a programme of tutorials. Have a look at our Tutorial Programmes and Prices.

Dedicated to Online Learning

Realtime’s Virtual Classroom has been developed specifically for individual interactive tuition, so you can be confident that the learning is effective. Our tutors are offered a comprehensive training programme to ensure that they can deliver online tutorials that engage the students and improve their knowledge and build their confidence and ability.

Realtime Tutors Team

We have a team who deliver in building confidence, developing learning skills and improving grades.

Eamonn Byrne

Eamonn has been running Edinburgh Tutors for more than 10 years alongside a specialist adult L & D consultancy. He will answer any tricky questions and would love to chat to you about any ideas to help Realtime Tutors develop the services and support that you need.

Alicja McIntyre

Combines tutor and client support with a similar role at Edinburgh Tutors where she has been working since its launch. Alicja knows everything and everybody loves her!

Jackie Ventom

An adult L & D specialist, an approved CIPD learning provider who holds the LPI Certificate in Online Learning Facilitation, Jackie provides guidance for tutors on how to prepare and deliver their online tutorials and is always on the look out for useful learning resources to help parents and carers support their students.

Helen Aberdeen

Senior Teaching Fellow at the Graduate School of Education at Bristol University, Helen has been training and assessing teachers for more than 20 years. Helen advises on the national curriculum and oversees tutor accreditation and performance monitoring. Her expertise was recognised when she won the West of England Teaching Award for Enterprise in 2008.

Mira Milosevic

A media analyst who specialises in digital start-ups, Mira will help with your technical questions and any suggestions you have about ways we can develop further our learning platform.

Karen Aitchison

Senior Education Consultant with significant experience in Higher Education along with an academic background in Psychology and Education. Karen is involved with variety of projects and consultancy work across both Universities and Government bodies related to Curriculum Development, including all aspects of Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

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